Hiya! I'm MidoriOokami, thanks for swinging by! I may be new here and still figuring this site out, but I'm friendly and open to chatting! ^^

Feel free to ask me about things like commissions, trades, etc if you're interested. They vastly depend on my workload on other sites, and my IRL schedule, but I'll never be offended or bothered by someone reaching out to me with questions, even if they are listed here as closed or case by case, or whatever! ^^


If you draw my characters, all I ask is to follow these two simple rules - Please do NOT draw or include any of my characters in NSFW art of any kind! Please link / credit my character(s) back to me - MidoriOokami!

Commissions: Case by Case

Trades: Case by Case

Collaborations: Case by Case

Requests: Case by Case

Roleplay: Case by Case

Gifts for Me: Always appreciated - I prefer visual art (written is a-okay as well, just ask if you have any questions about character mannerisms, personality, etc! ^^)

Draw my character(s) in art with other characters: Totally okay!

Characters for Sale/Trade: Closed



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