Posted May 26, 2023, 6:43:12 PM UTC

A copper ring - Jolt keeps it with them at all times, as it dangles at the end of their light-colored hair. The inner surface holds engravings of Terran sharks, all pictured swimming in the same direction, doomed to forever chase their comrades' tail fins.


The ring itself houses the spirit of Hannu - a humongous being that closely resembles a Terran tiger shark in appearance, though it differs in size and coloration. The beast can be invoked at will via a short chant, but such doesn't guarantee Hannu's intention to cooperate. Most often, however, its serrated maw is at Jolt's service when required. While not physical without jumping through a dozen hoops, their companion's presence alone usually helps the merrow calm down.


Alongside of trapping a voluntary soul, the copper ring had an important purpose - emphasis on had. When worn around their wrist, it kept Jolt's four-limbed form stable enough for them to focus on exploring and experiencing new things. The artifact lost its stabilizing capabilities in circumstances the backwards merrow is unwilling to disclose. Without that supporting safety net, Jolt is forced to be vigilant about their hydration levels - which requires an awkwardly high volume of water to keep them on their two feet.

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