Ocl prompt 1

Posted Feb 8, 2023, 8:11:45 AM UTC



As the Academic Collective is a group of fine scholars and not battle-blinded hooligans, our first challenge is meant to test your skill without the risk of injury. For the first round, each combatant will summon a construct made of their latent element to fight the opponent’s construct. Combatants who choose to engage in further rounds are suggested to take this as a warning shot– the following challenges will not be so gentle.


Create an elemental construct and defeat your opponent’s elemental construct. You may depict your character and their elemental construct, the two elemental constructs fighting, or both you and your opponent with both of your elemental constructs.




Time taken : 1 hour

Layers : 30

Yall said that I could draw the Elemental constructs fighting so I hope this is OK? I think the water construct is struggling to keep up with the high energy of the fire construct. If anything in the art needs to be changed I can do that but please tell me I don't wanna make a mistake :< 


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