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Prompt #3 - The Constructs

The hostile environment of the planet beneath the clouds has prevented life from forming on Avangard’s surface. Instead, Avangard is populated with creatures of an artificial nature. Many airships across Avangard are populated with mechanical attendants that help the citizens maintain, repair, or build the planet’s fleet of airships. They range from small ball-shaped robots made of intricately interlocking gears to unmanned ships with massive energy wings that prevent lightning from striking the aircities. More than a handful of them have escaped across the years to go on chaotic, mischievous, or occasionally helpful adventures across the fleet. Draw or write your character encountering Avangard’s robotic residents. Your submission must include your character and a mechanical construct of your choice.

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    Very nice picture, but I'm a little confused about what's going on. Was the construct trying to escape and Rhyme caught it? Or is Rhyme swinging the poor construct in the air like mad?