Vivitsa Visits Faedin

Posted Nov 6, 2021, 11:43:53 PM UTC

Vivitsa finds a world full of fungus rather dangerous. She tries to stay as clean as possible, and dons a magic air purifying bubble over her head (do ants even breathe through their heads?). Unfortunately, she seems to have visited the world of Faedin while the fungi release their spores. In a fantastic display above her, the forest glows with the bioluminescent spores. Hopefully she'll be okay, as even though protective gear is recommended most of the fungus spores are not dangerous.... right?

Prompt #2 - The Glow Clouds

Once a year, the fungi across the planet release glowing spores to reproduce. Most visiting species must wear protective gear to go out during this season. Tides of colorful motes drift through the air in gentle currents, swept into rainbows of light through the trees. Draw or write your character watching the spore lights in the forest. Your piece must include your character, indication of a forest, and glowing spores.

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