Just a regular fox girl who loves to adventuring this amazing magical big world.

Hi, my name is Zalfa. She/her. I love to make digital arts and also animations. I'm an Ibispaint and FlipaClip user. I still learning english. Please don't mind if I make a mistake.

Joined PaperDemon because of artblock. Besides, I love adventuring (Roleplay) with my oc especially fantasy themed adventure.

I play Minecraft (pocket edition), Pony Town, and Roblox (I rarely play roblox),

My minecraft gmt is ZalfaOriana.

My main ocs:

1.Zalfa Oriana (violet fox girl)

My very main oc, basically my persona. I count this oc as myself. So, be carefull when you make a story with her. (Don't overthink it btw)

2.Zaclay (blue fox boi)

My second main oc. Just a gift from someone from whatsapp. But I like him, So I redesign him a little and made it as my fav oc.

List of my social medias:

Youtube: Zalfa Oriana (main social media, but dead for months)

Facebook: Zalfa Oriana (main social media 2, I usually speak Indonesia there, sometimes I use English)

Instagram: @zalfa.oriana._ (half dead/hiatus, too lazy to uload my arts there idk why)

Discord: Zalfa Oriana#8744 (Click the link for my discord server)

Furaffinity: zalfa.oriana._ (Yes my oc also can turned into cute animals form)

List of available commission:

n/a (coming soon)

Animation highlight:

Happy Birthday Alya (gift for someone, online friend that I consider as my online little sister, but her account never active again)

(more coming soon)

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