New Vivitsa Portrait

Posted Apr 1, 2022, 1:05:01 AM UTC

Character Name: Vivitsa (Nicknames: Vivi, Vi)

Character Age: 33 years

Character Species: Humanoid Ant (based loosely off of Camponotus castaneus)

Eye color: Brown


Born to the queen of a massive colony of humanoid ants, Vivitsa served as a nurse. She cared for her unborn and infant sisters, meticulously cleaning and feeding them. Eventually, she was assigned to a brand new role inside the colony- one who intentionally seeks the unknown, learning more about the everchanging world and its other inhabitants.


Vivitsa is naturally curious, yet timid. She is easily startled, and when faced with adversity, would rather take flight than fight. Like any other ant, she is incredibly strong and nimble. She is of the worker caste, which stands around four and a half feet tall. Though she may be unique to those who have never seen a humanoid ant, she very closely resembles most of her sisters. Vivi's head is a dark orange while the rest of her exoskeleton is a light orange, her gaster being the lightest, nearly a pale yellow (though it can slightly change color depending on what she has injested).

Made a new portrait for Vivitsa's profile!

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