Itzel Xiao - summer hobbies - fishing and swimming

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Itzel Xiao        

Summer vacations – hobbies

Swimming and fishing for fun and profit – my first summer vacations


Itzel had only been on her quest, searching for Ryu Xiao her adoptive father, for barely a month when she had arrived to a peaceful village, but unlike other small towns she had passed through this one was becoming livelier and filled with travelers and their families as the beginning of summer approached

The little town was a rather pleasant one, filled with many taverns, hostels, inns and small pubs where all those travelers could enjoyed the local cuisine which was rich in a variety of sea food, because the little town offered the benefits of being rather close to the shore on one side and several lakes on the other; the local inhabitants were wise enough as to keep their town clean and with a tight security that ensured that those that visited it felt safe and many  establishments were open almost the whole night while others began business very early in the mornings, thus entire visiting  families had a variety of things to do and places where to eat while feeling confident that crime would not be tolerated

But all those establishments and all those visitors required entertainment, of every type, from the friendly family fun to the more adult type. So there was a very wide variety of options for a young travelling acrobat girl, who secretly was a battle mage in training, to work in. Yet, almost upon arriving there, that by sheer chance that she was able to learn two new skills and with them a fun way to obtain money, so very early in the morning while other girls had to pay for their food or lodging by cleaning the inns, taverns, hostel and then worked as tavern maidens, she instead had a lot of fun swimming and fishing, those new skills that she had recently obtained and in which she was becoming rather good at

But those two fun summer hobbies she had just learnt were not only an entertaining way to relax, but useful for obtaining food and she could also practice her other skills while  gaining a nice amount of money because Itzel didn’t go fishing for the normal small to medium species, but for the bigger and more dangerous ones

It had happened briefly after she had arrived at that little town when the smell of fresh fish had driven her to the lake and sea; without any money to pay for the delicious yummy fish she so much wanted, Itzel was forced to learn how to swim and catch them.


While most feline species do not like swimming or getting wet, Itzel race is a jaguar and they are very skilled natural swimmers and crafty fishers that frequently attack other species that are as big as them or even bigger. At first she was only able to catch some of the smaller species, but then she learned from the local fishermen that the real secret to catching whichever fish she might desire was in the bait used to lure them

So after consulting in her Magic Book she learned that what monster loved eating most were Virgin Damsels of any species, so if she wanted to catch the highly prized, and very delicious monstrous fish and other creatures that lived in the nearby lakes and sea then she would have to offer them a Fresh Live Virgin as bait and what better Virgin than herself!

So early in the mornings, when the water monsters were most hungry, thus most likely to bite her bait, she swam far into the lakes or sea and with her earth elemental powers created a small islet of rocks, just big enough for her to stand upon, and offered herself as a sacrifice to tempt those delicious, expensive water monsters to come and eat the Free Virgin Bait that was supposedly being sacrificed for them

It would be crazy and suicidal to do such a thing, but she had also learned from the Magic Book that water monsters are very dangerous in their own element, but outside of it, that is in dry land they were rather easy to kill.

So every day she stood on the islet and with false cries and yell of terror, announced to all the water monsters in the area that there was a Virgin Damsel getting offered for them. Eagerly, after just a few minutes, the first monster went to eat the sacrifice, only to find itself getting caught because as soon as it got near enough to take the Bite the tiny islet grew beneath it, the monster had become the prey, a helpless fish out of the water, and the Helpless Virgin Damsel became a Fierce Warrior that quickly ended the monsters life

With such a simple, yet very risky tactic, Itzel was able to catch several big, very large, yummy and expensive sea and water monsters per day. While that would require a full fisherman team of five to six strong adults to obtain one per day, she alone would be able to catch between three to four of them before noon

Soon the word spread of how many of those delicacies she was able to catch per day and every food establishment, every local chef, would ask her to obtain specific and dangerous delicacies, and they were willing to pay a fine price for each one. So after catching the required species and getting paid for them, Itzel then had the rest of day free to be just lazy, play in the sand or sunbathing, which she liked very much to do and she had enough money to eat those delicious species, cooked by the finest chef in the town and a rather comfortable lodging at the best inn the town had

Thus every day, for a few weeks, very early in the mornings male villagers would enjoy seeing how the very young jaguar girl, Itzel Xiao, would parade down the main street of the small town in nothing but a skimpy bikini and would return by noon carrying with her the huge monstrous species she had caught; while the price for those rare specimens would be profitable enough to make a living only from catching them, she also made a little extra from her nightly performances as an acrobat, to entertain the patrons who would get drunk and loosen their tongues while distracted watching her show

It was during one of those shows where she overheard a rather casual conversation, between two drunken travelers, where she heard that they were speaking about a powerful Battle Mage who was seen in a city not far from there....







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