Itzel- latent elemental powers

Posted Jun 5, 2021, 7:30:31 AM UTC

latent elemental power: Earth


Itzel Xiao


The latent elemental powers


Since the first day her journey had begun, since the moment she walked out of the monastery where she had been living, Itzel knew very well her training was incomplete, she knew that during her quest, in search for her adoptive father: Ryu Xiao, that she’d be facing dangers and challenges beyond her abilities and skills

Even when she had tried her best efforts in her martial and magical training, her hyperactive temperament had not allowed Itzel to fully focus on the finer details required to control the mystical energies required to create a weapon. Which was one of the most important and essential skills a battle mage would need during her entire life, for it was vital that they’d be able to create one so that they’d never be defenceless against armed enemies.

While in the monastery, during her sparring practices, all that Itzel had been able to create were crude staffs or bludgeon type arms, and none with the solidness required to withstand against those created by other apprentices of a similar level as hers. While she was more skilled, than many others, in unarmed martial prowess, her flaws in that essential ability was a cause for great concern for her and her teachers as well

While still in the monastery her tutors had given her intensive trainings in that specific subject, yet there had been scarce improvement, the main reason for which was her lack of attention, her inability to focus her will into one single process: the creation, through magic manipulation of the elemental forces, of a resistant, semi permanent, high quality weapon of her choice, plus she delayed far too much in creating the simple and rather feeble ones she was finally able to conjure

So with words of advice, regarding her training and other girly issues, she left her home, the monastery where she had lived, in search of her father. Yet in her mind there was great concern about many things, but particularly that one; so every day she kept doing all her martial exercises and all of her mystical practices, even when it seemed to be useless, for there had been no improvements or at least no visible ones at least

Yet Itzel did notice that now that she was on the open wilderness, travelling and many times sleeping outdoors, that her instincts had gotten sharper, more acute, that her wild inner feline was growing stronger and ever more fierce. Even when this made her happy and proud of her exotic heritage it also made her remember the many warning and advices the elder, in the monastery, had given her

Yet she enjoyed, very much, hunting for her meals, letting her feral side go wild with the thrill of hunting them and many times eating them uncooked and raw. She could easily have captured and ensnared her prey with the use of her magic, but hunting them down made her feel so happy, so alive and in a way gave her a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction

So while she travelled, hunted, continue training and searching, she also began to feel free. Her life in the monastery had been calm, serene with intense training and practices, but her inner wild side had been uneasy, restless, as her powerful jaguar instincts were kept shut and caged. But now that both side were free, she had to use all her skills, all of her instincts and abilities to survive in a harsh and very violent world

In the few weeks since she had been on her search, she had already faced several challenges: from drunken tavern patrons and simple small town thieves to experienced mercenaries, who didn’t like a little jaguar girl who asked too many questions, and evil magic users that had thought she’d be an easy sacrifice material for their conjurations

All of which had forced her to use all of her abilities, skills and instincts, all of her resources just to be able to overcome them and survive.

It was so until one day when she was forced to face a gang of scoundrels, some of which she had met in a previous town and had tried to steal her scarce belongings, thinking a little lonely girl would be of no consequences and would hardly be worth any effort for them, the three adult males, to force her into submission should she resist

All was well until the day when she encountered a gang of scoundrels, some of which she had faced in a previous town. Where they had tried to steal her scarce belongings, considering that a little lonely girl would be of no consequences and would hardly be worth any effort for them, the three adult males, to force her into submission should she resist.

Or so they though when they attempted to take her things and the few coins she had earned, from performing an acrobatic street show, a few minutes before they dared such a thing. Then the three strong, armed with knives, adults males found themselves under a tornado of blows, slashes and kicks, which left them flat on the dirt practically unconscious as a the little cat girl, that had been their intended victim, walked away

Sadly, Itzel had been careless about hiding or remaining discreet, thus had to face the consequences of such a mistake, when the rest of the gang tried to take revenge from her as soon as she had left the town. While three half drunk males had been an easy feat for her, facing ten sober angry, evil adult males some which were evidently skilled fighters, was no simple challenge for a twelve year old lonely girl

Yet Itzel had been trained to fight multiple opponents at once and her more savage instincts had been growing enormously in the past weeks, thus the ambush the gang of scoundrels had set for her didn’t catch her by surprise. Instead what the scoundrels though would be an easy feat, became a full battle, for life, from both sides


Even when the fight didn’t last long, it was very intense and bloody, the scarce minutes during which it took placed forced Itzel to do that, which she had never been skilled: without thinking about it she focused her will and instincts, into the process of crafting a weapon made from the elemental nature surrounding her: earth, to which she had a natural attunement

In an instant a long two handed sword was made from stones and the very plants, that alone was an amazing feat, which took by surprise the gang member, those that were still alive, and for brief moments witnessed how the sword, thus made, was rather sharp and able to cut into ribbons those that still remained

Finally when the battle was over, Itzel stood triumphant on top of the corpses of her opponent, yet she had not remained untouched, and her body was covered with terrible cuts and wounds, many of which would be lethal, at least for a normal girl, but her natural healing abilities and magical skills were more than capable to restore her to full heath by the time she had recovered her breath

But she was still in shock and totally surprised, not by the many corpses surrounding her, but by the fact that on her hand she held a very well made sword, without thinking she had been able to achieve something which she had begun to think would be impossible for her to do. The sword, while still crude and simple, was well balanced, very sharp and as resilient as any forged one would be.

Proud of herself, she continued her journey and search for her father, the following morning where the corpse had lain, there were only some bones left from the gang that had dared to defy her








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  • Jun 6, 2021, 11:29:00 AM UTC
    really a sweet sword ^v^
    nice shadow work too
    • Jun 10, 2021, 1:30:41 AM UTC

      sorry for taking soo long to reply
      was and still am kinda busy with school stuff

      so glad you liked it!

      was kinda worried that the sword details would be lost
      beneath the rock and vine elements