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Talisman Challenge


Character Name: Itzel Xiao





As Itzel Xiao got ready to leave the monastery, where she had trained and lived for all her life, she set aside the old and a bit musty spell book her, adoptive, father Ryu Xiao had given her, with which she was learning the necessary spells casting skills that any battle mage would need

The old book was rather big, and a bit bulky, to make it comfortable to carry along with her in what could be a long journey, so she decided to leave it behind. Later on, as she continued packing her things and getting ready to leave, she found that the old book was, mysteriously, inside her bag, so once again she put the old spell book away even when it was, emotionally, very dear to her and that she still need it, to study many of the basic spells that she hadn’t been able to master

The same thing happened three more times during that day as she continued getting her thing ready; upset with the old book, she decided to take it to the library when she was on her way to depart from the monastery and requested the Book Master to keep it safe for her until her return.

A long while after she had said farewell to monastery elders and masters and walked out the door, she felt the weight in her bag increase, curious about it, as soon as she opened the bag she was able to see the big and bulky book. Returning to the monastery would mean losing half a day’s journey and would be unable to set out again and reach the nearest town before it was late at night. So she had to choose: either return to the monastery, which would mean she’d have to wait until the next day to begin again her journey or continue and carry the big old book with her. Itzel Xiao chose the second option, considering that if the book had already returned to her four times, there was no guarantee it wouldn’t do so a fifth or sixth time and then she would have lost a full day

Her decision proved to be accurate, because later that same day, she encountered a small group of travelling performers, their acrobat had suffered an injury in her ankle which would prevent her from acting that night, since she was the main attraction that would mean the whole group would be unable to perform until she had healed, most likely a week or more

So deciding to help them, she read the simple spell that would heal the girls injured ankle. Grateful for her assistance they welcomed her into the group where she performed, also as an acrobat, for the first time before a crowd. The astounding success they obtained that night encouraged her to continue acting as an acrobat when she had to continue travelling, again, on her own

The old book is rather heavy, big, with a hard cover and bound with a weird type of leather, on its cover arcane symbols are engraved and it cannot be opened unless an incantation is first said, aloud or whispered. Once opened the spells inside it are written in an eldritch language that only magic users are taught how to read or write

Even when the spell book appears to be written from beginning to end, a blank page will appear, upon request by its owner, to allow her to write any new spell or knowledge she might have learned, thus it is ever growing, becoming heavier, but also increasing the amount of knowledge its owner has available

There are arcane spells protecting the old book, because of them it is immune to fire and water or any other elements that might endanger it, and if lost, stolen or forgotten it always returns to its owner within a couple of minutes.







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