Walk in the Rain

Posted Jun 5, 2010, 5:09:30 AM UTC

a few weeks ago, while being in a bit of an artistic slump and having to furiously work to get in some incomplete works so that i could graduate, i had drawn this little thing one night because i was sad i was missing out on all the rain that was going one while i had to work on papers. Because i love rain.

Well i thought to do something small and from the back because i'm working on those back positions and poses. After i finished i thought, wow this kinda reminds me of Kagome. Sooo i thought, hmm perhaps i can have this be a type of fanart based on the amazing doushinji Raindrops by YoukaiYume on DA.

And just a side note...umbrellas are not easy to draw...at all.

I hope that it looks like rain on the ground and what not, and the scribbles are just scribbles, nothing more *shrug* it was a little doodle and had lots of room so i made scribblies...ehehehehehehehehehe

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