My OC chibis: T. and T.C.

Posted Apr 11, 2010, 4:42:07 AM UTC

Soooooooo, this is a drawing i have had and been doodling on sporadically when i would get stumped on my current drawings. Which, you know, can happen a lot.


This is a chibi set up of my two current stories main characters. You can sort of see where te cut is between each set, then the friendly waving of the two MAIN female characters of each.

On the The Catalyst side you have: The Immortal, Jade, and Caleb (lying down).
On the Tewoeklon side you have: Noir, Sin, Kisneyla (sitting), (in the ship-Snyaria) Syren, Kayne, and Menya.

I love my characters and most of them look adorable!!! However you can totally notice that I drew Kisneyla after all the others...and that I was too lazy to actually finish The Snyaria with Syren, Kayne, and Menya..ehe they don't even have eyes and i'm pretty sure i spelled Snyaria as "Synaria" ...which is just sad. OH! And i COMPLETELY did not mean for The Immortal and Sin to be looking down the same way and about the same size...Sin is actually a little shorter than The Immortal is.

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