Auxvita: Gift for a Friend

Posted Sep 19, 2009, 3:50:26 AM UTC


This is a very long awaited gift for a friend of mine on TheOtaku and deviantART.

He is her character Auxvita, though I mixed my style and her a little of the clothes design from a chibi drawing of him by her.

I probably took over a month to get this finished...I was just kinda lazy I must admit. XD But I have completed it and even added some color for her as a bit of compensation for the tardy no reason/birthday gift!

The cave and chains took me a long did those chains take especially. I had to individually draw the two circles of one chain link and connect them all, then I had to go through and erase every piece of a link that was not to be there because of the overlap. But I have FINISHED IT ALL!!!

The only things referenced were clothes, hair, eyes and the top of the head on one dragon(which kept me just fine for the other). ^-^


P.S. I didn't forget to color in his left eye, it's blind.

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