Kisneyla-Original Ref.

Posted Feb 26, 2010, 7:01:54 PM UTC

This is my character Kisneyla from my story Tewoeklon! She jsut recently appeared and so i thought it a good time to put up the first reference i ever created for her! ^-^

Ahh, i wish i could remember to draw this way all the time. I drew it based off a reference i found from an artist i love on deviantART, however i don't think i could ever find it again...sigh... However, i really want to try and draw this way a bit more!! Face wise more than eyes, yes yes.

The black is where i had to hide things that have not yet been revealed about her. Ehe. There is a lot. and her nickname is actually "Ney" not Neyla or Kis. Remember this was the first thing i ever did when i initially thought of her. She still hadn't actually been fit into the storyline yet.

I am working on the next chapter (chapter seven), very close to finishing, then edits! ^-^ I hope to get her a real drawing sometime.

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