Finding Yourself - [Elemensha Quest][Prompt 3]: //Oneshot

Published Aug 15, 2023, 4:23:47 PM UTC | Last updated Aug 15, 2023, 4:23:47 PM | Total Chapters 1

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Peri, an anthro dragon, finds out something about themself that changes their life forever. [Not Beta-Read]

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Chapter 1: //Oneshot

Though they were meant to be born with the element of Earth, Peri grew to find that their attempts to move the ground and help plants flourish were not going anywhere. Somewhere along this path to try to wrangle what they assumed was a failing green thumb, they found that they could pull water to the topsoil without needing to dig into the earth. Excited, they told their friends, barely managing to make themselves understandable with the speedy pace of each sentence growing faster and faster. Eventually, they got the idea across. Many of their friends were confused, however, as none of the other Earth elementals in their friend group had ever experienced something like that. After a few moments of sitting in a circle and trying to replicate what Peri had managed, all they could do was compact the ground beneath their hands or form a mound trying to pull the moisture out. It soon became aparent that Peri was not what they thought they were. 
After coming to terms with the revelation of being a Water elemental, they began to spend more time outside. When visiting neighbors and friends, they would water their gardens, pulling up nutrient rich soil with the damp dirt. The flowers and shrubbery were looking more vibrant than ever and the neighborhood was flourishing. Peri was never really paying attention to the greenery they brought fourth, however. They were more interested in the wilds found during their wandering hikes. The mountainsides covered with conifers and shimmering mica scattered throughout the rocky patches around the woods were mesmerizing. Peri couldn't take their eyes off all the wonders that they could not control. They would hike and hike to the top of mountain ranges, sometimes spending days and nights away from home in the nature.
Though the thought of moving earth with ease was a wonderful one, it was becoming further and further from their mind. It was nothing that could compare to the feeling of sipping from a spring under a waning moon and shooting fruit from trees with a bow and arrow. The breeze blowing through the trees, the wind singing a melody to compliment the sky, clearer than anywhere else, stars and purple streak dotting the dark blue. They sat on rocks and stumps larger than themself, feeling at complete peace surrounded by the songs of the valley.
They spent more and more time away from the houses of the town and more and more time atop trees, watching the clouds spiraling towards her before evaporating into a fine mist, fogging over the other side of the mountain and filling the air with the sweet taste of tree sap. They began to construct a small cabin up on that mountain, taking rests on the large red stump as they looked up at the sky for hours at a time with an undying interest.
Birds began to follow them around the woods, chirping in response every time they asked them a question, almost as if carrying a pleasant conversation with an old friend. They began to pull water towards the grasses every morning, forcing the worms out of the ground for the birds to take. It brought them a joy larger than any they experienced before. As they continued building the cabin, a larger variety of creatures gathered. As they began to notice, they found they could force the earth to cave with the weight of the moisture to form a small pond. The small pond soon became a small watering hole which many of the fauna gathered around. Even with this satisfaction they found, there was still something amiss... They still gazed up at the sky at night, sighing as each dark cloud silently passed by. They stared at the circling raptors, fascinated by their elegance. Birds soon became a passion, especially those with talons and hooked beaks. They checked out and eventually bought every book on raptors and avians that they could. They studies age old traditions written in journals long forgotten. They pushed and pushed and kept finding roadblocks.
Then they stumbled across an old hut on the other side of the town, paint chipping and vines growing over it in an enchanting delapidation, calling out like a siren to a lost sailor. In it, an old man lived. He saw the dragon passing by and called them over. He was a husky and his whiskers had grown long and white. His eyes were a deep emerald green and lively despite the way his skin drooped with age. He quickly explained how he had seen a look within their eyes. His voice quickly grew hoarse and he took a sip of water. He began to sign in hopes that they would understand, and much to his delight, they did. They signed back and forth for a few minutes before Peri finally waved goodbye and went back into the mountains.
He introduced himself as a falconer, which is someone who raises, befriends, and hunts with falcons... which is exactly what Peri was looking for.

[There are many laws behind Falconry in the US I won't explain them - basically someone needs a 'Master Falconer Liscence' to mentor somebody and to become a falconer legally you need to be apprenticed under a master falconer. I'll skip the whole apprenticeship part just know they became good friends. It's too convoluted to type out in a prompt like this, but training falcons unlocked their ability as an Air elemental and they use it to guide their birds to targets and to cool off food and friends. Just a really chill thing compared to the whole growing plants and providing water and worms bit. They still try to upkeep that at the cabin, though, don't worry.]

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