Ripple's Adventures: [LLD] - Moonlit Serenade

Published Feb 27, 2022, 8:15:43 PM UTC | Last updated Jun 16, 2022, 8:21:21 PM | Total Chapters 2

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A whole lot of stories for RIpple the Aqrion

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Chapter 1: [LLD] - Moonlit Serenade

An eerie yet beautiful song can be heard in the moonlight. This bizarre song only started to appear a couple of months ago. Most dragons just stay away from the source, fearing what would happen to them.

But they were overreacting a bit. The source of the melody was nobody else than Ripple. She sang the song of loneliness. She had nobody to celebrate the current holiday with, but it's not like she ever wanted. She sang this song to show her love to the divines. Because even though she was alone, she still felt they were going to be with her even if not right there, but rather in spirit.

In her dance for the Gods Ripple tends to show off some traditional swim moves she learned from older aqrions while with different pods. Sometimes she lives in the moment too much as she hasn't noticed something significant while presenting her offering.

Another dragon dared to approach the source of the melody. She wasn't as scared from it as the others, but rather she was mesmerized.

It wasn't long before she joined Ripple in the dancing. First slowly, to not disturb the singer, and as the show went on, she got more and more into it. Before either of them knew, they were dancing in sync and so rapidly the water around them was filling up with bubbles. The sudden change in the water around them made the moonlight break in different colors and angles, hitting both iridescent scales that lit up the bubbles further. Everything around them was sparkling in rays of the rainbow, illuminating the ocean.

Not long after, other aqrions noticed the colorful shine from near the water top, and some decided to venture closer to observe what was going on. And soon the dancing pair had a small audience, looking from a distance to see what the outcome may be. But that is still far, Ripple is still only halfway through her ritualic offering, and was so entranced she wasn’t aware of her surroundings, only her partner was, but she is only as much to keep up with Ripple, so as not to disturb her song.

As the song went on, the two dancers got closer to each other, Ripple by mind, following what she has done ever since her upbringing, and her partner, mimicking her movement down to a T. The amount of disturbance they created in the water continued as they continued their dance. As Ripples' song was nearing the end, the bubbles seemed to shine brighter by every second, somehow counting down to a beautiful ending.

Ripple's movement starts to slow down, and as she finishes the last notes she stops. She is exhausted from all the moving and singing at the same time, she concentrates on her heart and breathing to calm herself down. But after she does she senses something is off, she can feel heartbeats around her, and one right in front of her. She opened her eyes, surprised that she was not alone, she sang in a way to keep anyone away, that’s what her gift is, but it seemed like some were immune to it.

She was staring into a pair of blue eyes surrounded by amber. The bubbles around them were still calming down, so she only saw the sparkling of what was directly in front of her.

Ripple had a hard time processing that she just danced with someone she didn’t even know. It was just too much to her, she just blocked down and couldn’t even react. At least not until Penggwin suddenly jerked her head and smiled at Ripple, probably thanking her for the wonderful show she got to be a part of, even if Ripple wasn’t aware. But after Penggwin's sudden movement Ripple snapped out from her trance and quickly took her chance and bolted to the depths, away from the audience she unwillingly performed to.

Penggwin was left there, staring after Ripple, confused and disappointed. She waited for a bit, but after the audience has already left, she had no reason to stay and wait any longer for Ripple to come back. But Ripple wasn’t coming back, she was too embarrassed to go back out in the public and only watched as Penggwin left, from a cave deep in the ocean.

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