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Published Feb 26, 2022, 11:04:07 PM UTC | Last updated Feb 26, 2022, 11:04:07 PM | Total Chapters 1

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Chracter Name: Perra Dystero

Chapter: 1

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Chapter 1: Perra Dystero

Character Name: Perra Dystero

Character Age: 21

Character Species: Anthro Dragon

Hair color: Tufts of Pale Blue

Eye color: Golden

What is your character’s occupation? Perra is a traveling mercenary that specializes in ranged weapons

Is your character rich, poor, or middle class? Perra is not the most successful of late, only managing to barely make middle class

How does your character feel about traveling? Perra loves it, but occasionally misses the comfort of having a home

Perra grew up in the frozen northern territories with her 2 clutch mate brothers. Unlike her brothers she showed very little magical aptitude at a young age but had better body control. She soon became an apprentice to a rather unscrupulous guard captain who was more interested in his drink than anything else, so the town guards trained her in ranged and melee combat. At age 18 she finally learned to harness her breath weapon without hurting herself, she also started dating another anthro Dragon. By age 19 the two were planning their marriage, when she walked in on him with a human woman, destroyed she left the village and became a mercenary.

Perra is a female Anthropomorphic Dragon with rose quartz colored scales, pale blue horns, and white fur along the back of her head and neck. She also has a 4 foot tail but no wings. She typically dresses in replica of a ancient heros garb that she has made functional with a crop top and micro skirt underneath. She has five fingers on each hand but three clawed toes on each foot. Her belly is partially covered by pale blue protective scales as are her shins, upper legs, and fore armes.

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