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Chapter 1: Basic character info

Character Name: Yellain Icescar

Character Age: 27

Character Species: Demon

Hair color: Dark brown, dark red

Eye color: Red

Brief biography:

Yellain grew up with a secluded group of demons in a mountainous region of the world. Their interests – and her own – were with technology and how it could enhance their lives. Since she could remember, she learned how to tinker and work with metal and advanced machinery, with and without magic. She learned how to be a mechanic, but also the basics of commercial trading, mathematics, reading and writing and so on. And although one would not think it of her, she enjoyed an elevated state of living, having access to both fine clothing and jewellery. Finally, her kind trained her to be proficient with the demons’ own magic and with basic weapons, like a sword or a pair of daggers. Though she only liked the latter.

A severe accident while manipulating metal deep beneath the earth unleashed some kind of dormant energy, which infused her and fused the machinery she was working with to her. Altered like that did her powers change – yet Yellain is not fully aware what kind of power she now has. Her peoples’ innate powers were lost during the transformation, unfortunately. With some form of living metal now corrupting her body, she set off to find a reason for her state and maybe how to revert to her original form. Though her form is strange, she tries to use her knowledge of working iron and other metals to her advantage – so she quickly gained some form of local fame as a smith. Her unique way of working made the tools and weapons sturdier, yet also her transformation aided her in purging impurities from the metal. But that is something she can’t control. Still very much eager to understand her new self, she ventured forth, towards future adventures, to discover the hidden secrets of the world.


Character Description:

(Taken from Yellains journal regarding her transformation)

Entry #0001

Whatever happened to me, it changed me. That much is apparent just by looking at me. But before I go into detail concerning the changes my body undertook, I will state the facts that did not change:

I am still a demon and still humanoid. Both my legs and at least my left hand is still covered in the unique horn-scale mix of my people. Looking at my still very much marvellous reflection, I can also confirm that I am both still female and still breath-taking, if I say so myself. Still as tall as before, even taller than a grown human male. Still the same feminine stature and pale, yet not unhealthy-looking skin. Still the same glowing red eyes, the same smooth face with the elegant features, still the same dark brown hair. And it still changes into the dark red hue it usually attains when it grows too long. My ears are also as pointy as ever, and still very much short – not like those ridiculous looking elves with their long ears. Also, my two horns are still there, though somewhat altered. Lastly, my wings are still intact, as is my tail. Thank goodness. I like those, would be a shame if they vanished.

Now to the part that is different. Firstly, and the most prominent of changes: my right hand is missing. Although missing might be a bit of an overstatement. It is still there, but it is different. It looks like it is made of metal, and little lights appear to be shining through little cracks on the surface. It looks like my old hand, and oddly enough, also feels the same way. I can move it like I would my normal limb, and I still retained a sense of touch through the metal. Though it does not feel the same as before. It is hard to describe. As if the world beneath my metal claw feels more alive and vibrant. Even the rock I touched out of curiosity appears to be living, shifting and, most interestingly, breathing. Though that must be a side effect of the magic now coursing through me. I believe it very much to be so.

The next change occurred to me only after I looked at my extraordinary reflection in the mirror: My horns had changed. Not the shape itself – still curving backwards over my head in a most elegant fashion – but the material. It somewhat matches my hand: They look as if cast from silvery metal, with little gemstones sparkling beneath the surface through little cracks. Oddly enough, the gems – I assume it to be gems – shift in colour. All gems are always the same, though I do not know why they change colour. Maybe it’s because of my mood? They seem to be red by default, at least. Or they are most of the time.

Next are my wings and my tail, though I wish they would have remained their perfect self. My wings are still batlike, still very much foldable and remain perfectly still on my back. Though their bone part must have been exchanged for metal, as well. Same rule applies as before: silver with an irregular sparkle of gems here and there. Same goes for my tail: while the upper half of it remained its marvellous self, consisting of mostly horn, the lower half is now made of very flexible metal. Its tip is also still very much shaped the same, no irregular shapes or weird patterns. At least this weird corruptive, intrusive metal mimics the form of whichever it replaces. A small relief regarding everything that is going on.

The last change is beneath my expensive clothes – though I must say, I am astonished that the fine fabric survived the accident mostly unharmed. Apparently, the metal made its way onto my sides and stomach. It forms peculiar patterns. Like small waves, and again, little gems appear to decorate the silver metal. It also appears to have taken over the entirety of the outer parts of my hip, all the way up to my chest. So, my sides are now made of metal.

I still must conduct some experiments concerning the durability of my new body parts, though I doubt that I miraculously achieved some form of a painless state of being. I also doubt that the metal is indestructible. While I do believe it to be somewhat sturdier than my normal horn-cover, at least on my right hand, I doubt it could withstand a blow from a weapon swung at me. I should not rely on it. Instead, I should still be wearing armour during battle – even if it is just woven cloth or leather. Better then nothing, though I despise simple armour. I appreciate finer clothing. Expensive silk and stylish fabrics are more my thing. And I hope my plait still works with all the metal. Maybe I should exchange the golden hairclip for a silver one… or just wear them open. Could also work. But that is something for after I do my work. Work first – fashion statements later.

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