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The info for my ARPG character Elian.

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Chapter 1: Elian Info

Character Name: Elian (no last name)

Character Age: 20

Character Species: Anthro Housecat

Hair color: Pink Fur

Eye color: Yellow

Elian is a 4 foot tall anthro cat, covered head to toe in soft, pink fur. Elian grew up in city of Magefort, a place full of soldiers and scholars that values strength, order, and etiquette. They left the moment they turned 18. During their life in Magefort, they learned the basics of magic, and became competent in healing and conjuration magic. Though the style of Magefort magic is practical, mechanical, and orderly, they've added their own personal flair to it after leaving.

Elian's height and appearance often leads to them not being taken seriously, which is fitting because they're not a very serious person. They enjoy using simple magic for pranks, shenanigans, and general funsies, much to the disgust of any mages from their hometown. Their body is thoroughly covered in fur, so they usually don't wear much clothing. When they do, it's as bright, colorful, and casual as they are.

Elian set out for adventure because of their fascination with magic; what other kinds of magic could there be outside of the pragmatic walls of Magefort? What might they learn out in the world? They need to know. And so they travel; venturing to distant lands, delving into dungeons, seeking out secrets wherever they might hide.

Elian's magic consists mostly of basic cantrips, but their specialties are healing, conjuration, and enchantment. They can mend injuries and sooth pain with ease, and hasten the recovery of broken bones and illness. They lack combat skill, instead summoning animals and monsters to protect them (and sometimes for companionship). They learned enchantment magic on their travels; magic that can control emotions, calm anger, inspire hope, or just put someone to sleep. Though they make an excellent support with healing and enchantment magic, they often get into trouble when adventuring alone. And as they're an introvert, this is often the case.

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