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! this is currently under construction, if it breaks that's (partially) deliberate !
Hello! Hobbyist digital artist here!
My commissions are open and prices & TOS can be found on my blog. Design trades & art trades are also open!
Please feel free to comment or DM if you have any questions! I don't bite.
Commissions are currently open!
Please check here for up to-date pricing and status!

Trades are generally case by case, feel free to ask.
Collaborations are same as trades, case by case, ask.
Requests are currently closed.
Roleplays are case by case.

Gift Art
If you'd like to do a gift for me(thank you very much by the way), please bear a few things in mind:
~No NSFW; sexual/suggestive/major gore~
~Minor gore is generally okay.~
~Do not use my characters to draw hate art.~

Are my characters for sale/trade?
Personal characters is a hard no. I only have a few, and they are very meaningful and dear to me.
If I am selling an ARPG character, I will most likely make a post about it, so please check my blog section.
Do not ask me if I am selling a character or make an offer unless I have posted something clearly stating my intent to sell or trade them.


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