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Posted Sep 18, 2023, 10:10:15 PM UTC

reference sheet for a personal character! 


this went up a day or so early on patreon / kofi!

Going Name: Tase

Full name: Taliesin Archibald Airi (use at own risk)

Pronouns: any

Height: 6’10

Voice: deep & smooth

Ability: Minor Shapeshifting

Occupation: Henchman


Charismatic | Canny | Private | Solitary | Observant | Loud | Reserved

Tase has an almost magnetic presence to them. She always manages to be the center of attention in a room, and is very good at reading people and phrasing things accordingly. However, even talking for a while, xe doesn't reveal much about their personal life, private thoughts and feelings, keeping everything close to their vest.

Even to the people that know xem well, ae often needs to be coaxed into admitting whether or not she's doing okay. Part of it is that Tase is used to doing things alone. It's both been beneficial and has gotten them into extensive trouble, but ae prefers to find a solution on her own before turning to others to help, much to the annoyance of everyone around him.

It's very hard to rile them up. Even though their 'indoor voice' is what most would consider more than a little loud, he is very good at keeping calm in stressful situations, and has very few buttons to press to make him genuinely angry or upset. It's not when she's being loud that you should worry; it's when she's talking quietly in a smooth voice like a freshly sharpened knife.

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