** | Neapolitan | She/They | 18 | Canadian | "Bruh" | **

Well howdy! Welcome to my page. I made an account here hoping to meet some new people and make some friends, so feel free to chat me up!

Experimenting with art, hiking, and playing videogames (especially Nintendo) are some of my favourite pasttimes. I am also an avid horror enthusiast who hopes to incorporate some of that into my upcoming pieces >:)

<3<3<3I LOVEEEE FLOWERS!!<3<3<3


Commissions: [Closed]

Trades: [Open] - Please don't be afraid to ask!

Collaborations: [Open] ofc always >:3

Requests: [Case by Case] - It depends on how I'm feeling and the conditions of the request :>

Roleplay: [Case by Case]

Gifts for Me: Art and literature are perfectly fine! - I'd be absolutely honored to receive anything :) 

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