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Three Raccoons in a trenchcoat


Hello there! I am Kindynos, I like to draw, write, use wacky colors and make more characters than my brain can handle!

At the moment I am having a chill time on PD, trying new things with my art and seeking to improve, I love to experiment and really like drawing action or dynamic poses! 

My main social network would be Bluesky, where I post my art to the most, if anybody wishes to message me directly, I can be found on discord @ _Kindynos, or you can simply PM me here.

Let's all have fun! 


Commissions - I do commissions! Mainly Chibi Icons, feel free to PM me here or on discord @ _Kindynos


Roleplay - I'm literate, do para, I prefer plotted 1 on 1, message me on discord @ _Kindynos


Gifts - I love gifts! Only ask if you plan to draw NSFW.


Collaborations - I am open to the option if I have time, please PM me and we can talk about it!


Requests - I do not have much time for my own art, requests are off limit at the moment.

Trades - I only do trades with people I closely trust, due to events in the past, sorry!

  I have a Webcomic, check ÉLAN out!

Check my friend kaiserrath out! He's rad as hecc


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