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This page lists all items as part of PaperDemon Art RPG. Here you can learn more about the items, what they do, and purchase them. Inventory quantities are quantities belonging to the PaperDemon Art RPG store.

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ImageNameCategoryQnty LeftIdDate addedPurchasableSellableTradablePlayer EquipablePlayer De-equipableDe-equip poofTags
Black Aster Currency472Apr 26, 2021 aster
Blue Aster Currency475Apr 26, 2021 aster
Purple Aster Currency478Apr 26, 2021 aster
Red Aster Currency470Apr 26, 2021 aster
Rainbow Aster Crafting materials476Apr 26, 2021 aster premium lootbox-t1 crafting-ingredient
Silver Aster Crafting materials473Apr 26, 2021 aster common-drop lootbox-t1 crafting-ingredient
Vermilion Aster Crafting materials469Apr 26, 2021 aster common-drop lootbox-t1 crafting-ingredient portal-drop-pavia