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Beech #pd3430

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Character Full Name: Beech (also known as Beechpatch, Ember)

Character Age: 42 moons (3.5 years)

Character Pronouns: He/Him, She/Her (AMAB / Assigned Male At Birth)

Character Species: Cat (with fantasy-like additions!)

Fur color: White with ginger tabby dapples.

Eye color: A field green colour.


Brief biography: Beech was born to Badger and Gold alongside two sisters, one now being a brother. Beech's sister was swooped up by a hawk and went missing, provoking his father to become cruel. Beech started seeing a black figure of a small cat, who proved itself to be very real to him - poking him. Soon, after Beech's brother was presumed dead in a cave-in, Beech ran away and found himself at Windclan, a patrol containing a cat named Moonpaw, soon Moonflight, finding him. He became an apprentice, Beechpaw, and later on grew into a bold warrior, Beechpatch. He soon found himself a deputy of Windclan, father to Pumpkinkit with Moonflight, formerly Moonpaw. However, in a miscommunication, Moonflight was exiled and Pumpkinkit went missing. Beechpatch fell into an almost eternal sadness before finding Corvid, who he later fell in love with. Beechpatch got exiled from Windclan for holding a forbidden relationship with Corvid. Beechpatch, now just Beech, found a group called Crowclan, led by Crow. He joined and soon killed Crow to gain control over this group, which he quickly turned into a rebellion group against Windclan. The small battles grew into war, ending in a loss of many lives, and Crowclan winning. Guilty after realising what she did, Beech fled from everything and decided to settle with Moonflight after finding her. She constantly looks behind her, cautious of anyone finding her. She seems rather paranoid. While all of this happened, the ghost-like figure Beech has seen since childhood just follows him, angry that Beech fled from Crowclan. It seems to want to torment him - and it speaks of how all it ever wanted was power.


Description: A dappled ginger-tabby tom with a field green gaze. Several scars cover his right eye, nose-bridge, left cheek, throat, right front and back hind leg, left shoulder, and left-side of his torso. His medium-sized coat is spiky yet soft.


Personality: Beech is a quiet, withdrawn, kind cat on most occassions. She usually doesn't initiate fights and doesn't stick up for herself unless she knows that it's right. When she loses her patience or is accused of wrongful things, she lashes out and turns often violent, losing her temper. (Beech has Bipolar Disorder! She loses her temper easily)

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    Ability Points
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  • Crafty Talisman Ability

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