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Pepper Firesong #pd2498

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Character Full Name: Pepper Firesong

Character Age: 6

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Height: 3' 5"

Character Species: 3/4 dragon, 1/4 human

Hair color: Reds, Oranges, and Yellows. With streaks of white.

Eye color: Gold

Powers: She can breathe fire, communicate telepathically, and is immune to fire when in her dragon form. When in her partially human form she can communicate telepathically and tolerate high temperatures. Her telepathy is broadcasted like a general message to those surrounding that can communicate telepathically. This is because of her young age and lack of control over her powers.

Likes: Lava, books, music, butterflies, hammocks and peaches. She loves laser lights like a cat when she's in her dragon form. 

Dislikes: Candy corn (She thinks it tastes like wax), snow (She's a fire centered dragon, of course she doesn't like snow!), fish (They taste bad and have too many little bones.)

Fears: The dark (As long as she has her fire with her she's fine, but she hates it when its dark.), fish (They're slimey and look weird. Also Everest told her if she dashes into large bodies of water she'll get eaten by the fish.)

Flaws: She is very mischievous and adventurous, which often gets her into trouble. She likes making Everest panic.

Strengths: She is a little ball of energy and provides joy to all around her.

Style: She has a white beanie with bunny ears that she always wears. Pepper wears lots of reds, oranges, and yellows when she's in her human form, it reminds her of fire. She prefers to wear dresses because it's easier to tailor the dresses to accommodate wing holes and room for her tail.

Personality: She is very innocent and loves to have fun. Her energy is almost endless and she enjoys cheering people up.

Birthday: July 26th

Accessories: White beanie with bunny ears. Butterfly necklace.

Family: Everest (Although he's not biologically related to her.)


Brief biography: Found by Everest as a little baby dragon Pepper never really knew her family. She knew that her parents loved her very much, as she had been them for a short time. She didn't know exactly what happened to them, but she figured Everest knew. He never did tell her and tried to avoid the topic whenever it came up. Avoiding the topic wasn't all that hard because Pepper got distracted very easily. A year after Everest found Pepper, they began to explore. They stayed mainly in less populated areas, which Pepper didn't mind too much. The couple of children that Pepper did encounter, she found to be very boring and uncreative. As she got older she loved to explore, and would often race ahead of Everest, which often got her in trouble. There was one time that Everest couldn't fix it. They had been exploring some caves to get out of the rain and Pepper had once again been exploring ahead of him. As she scrambled into the next larger cavern, she found a bunch of symbols etched into the wall. She touched it before Everest could stop her and was transported through it straight into another cave. Everest quickly came through behind her and found her passed out. Before he could pick her up and go back a crack formed through the symbols as the ground shook and Everest rushed to get out of the cave. As he went outside with Pepper in his arms, he noticed that they had not only gone into a different cave, it appeared as if they were on a separate world as well. The cave behind them collapsed and they were now stranded on this unknown place. Pepper loved the new world, everything was so big and colorful! Even the butterflies were big! However, that also meant bigger, more dangerous preadators, which made Everest eager to get back home.


Description: Since she is more dragon then human, her "human" form is littered with many dragonistic aspects. For her face she has downturned eyes and a couple of scales as well. She has small scales just behind her eyes on the side of her face, and slightly larger scales on her forehead. The scales are slightly pointed (They lie flat) and fire colored with white streaks. She has a chibi style face. (But the head to body ratio is normal, not exaggerated.) Her hair is wavy (2b) and waist length. However, because of her adventurous nature, she often has it in a braid (or braids) which Everest has been practicing.  Her ears are webbed, kind of like mini dragon wings. Because of her being more dragon than human, her human form has wings, a tail and little stubby horns. The horns barely peak out of her hair, as she is only 6 years old. Her wings are large enough to wrap around her and make a cocoon. The wings are blood orange and her scales only cover the bone/structure part of the wing. (Not the leather like spots in between.) Her tail is as long as she is tall (3' 5") and covered in scales that are the same color, blood orange, as the ones on her wings. (On the pinterest board there is a group of tails and number 6 is closest to what Pepper has. If anyone has seen HTTYD then I'm kinda going for the Toothless tail end style.) She also has some scattered scales on her lower right leg.

 Her clothes tend to be on the summer end of the style because her body is naturally hotter as she is a fire dragon. She's fine with wearing shorts, but doesn't like wearing pants unless she absolutely has to or she is unnaturally cold. (Which sometimes Everest makes her wear pants.)

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