Stone manipulation

Posted May 24, 2024, 5:00:41 PM UTC

CHARACTER: King Ash Gray
PROMPT: [#1] How does your character's elemental power manifest? Draw or write them using their elemental powers.

King Ash Gray is able to manipulate stone with his ability, the creation as well as manipulation. This, exclusively while making contact with the earth or a stone surface. Due to the unstable properties of his mana flow, his mana remains with the creations he creates and leaves behind. While this comes at a great cost, his regeneration, while functioning similarly to blood, recovers rather quickly over time.

His kingdom has many of his sculptures and temples that corrupt the flow of those who stand near it. The corruption of their flow, while it varies in impact per person, causes a gray discoloration over their person. Often affecting the tone of their hair and eyes. In very few cases, even their tongue, blood and body. All, along with a little mind trick that boosts the exposed person their sense of pride. 

These are all side effects of which Ash has no control over. The place where he used to live considered it a disease. These effects, however, last only 5 hours if one would leave its range. It is no different when Ash would touch another, the places where the skin connects leaves a metallic, glittery stain that lasts an equal amount of hours, unless they are handed a protective gem which significantly reduces the side effects.

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  • May 28, 2024, 6:59:18 PM UTC
    I can't get over how good the textures are in this. The pillars in the background look so smooth, I'd definitely want to touch them. His pose and face are great, he looks like he's concentrating really hard!
    • May 29, 2024, 10:09:32 AM UTC
      A lot of these temples and similar buildings are made by his ability, that also increases his influence over the people (even if undesired by both). That is indeed an expression of focus ... Or it was intended in such manner.

      Thaaank you~
  • May 25, 2024, 1:01:26 PM UTC
    The idea is really cool and you nailed the effect of his creation ability. For some reason I also like his expression a lot xD
    • May 29, 2024, 10:32:48 AM UTC
      The "HNG ...!" in his expression. Must be rough to look at with all the unnecessary glitter as well. Thanks a looootttt hnff ...