Wait, Don't Touch That! [Endurance]

Posted May 8, 2024, 12:15:58 AM UTC

Fading Skies's first foray outside of the deepsea trenches... didn't quite go to plan. Unagi has his work cut out for him, caring for his fearless daughter.

Blue-Ringed Octopi are among the smallest but most dangerous of octopus species. One bite can kill a young dragon in minutes - and it's almost always completely imperceivable due to how small their teeth are.

Your Aqrion has become fairly good at swimming.  Now it's time to head out of the nest.  Now they are eager to play and race each other.  Several young aqrion will get together with a guide dragon, similar to a school session.  Often hunting inanimate objects, each other or smaller easy to catch prey.​

- Draw your young Aqrion learning how to hunt small objects, small prey or even other young aqrion. -

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