Toasty forms

Posted Apr 12, 2024, 11:25:30 PM UTC

True Demonae: 8'7ft. The true look of a Magma Demonae, a secondary form given to the species by the greater demons to protect the land they inhabit. Because they can't shrink or expand their bones, some are moved or covered in a thick (2-inch) obsidian layer. 

Fyre slug: 2'3ft. a small slug/sea pig-like creature with a small shell. Thankfully not a common sight, but this little form is what happens when Lawrence is extremely low on fuel and won't have access to it immediately. The demon can separate his core with a little bit of his body, leaving a rock husk with his bones so he can search for sustenance on foot and conserve energy. He can't fully go in the shell, a little bit of his neck and front set of feet stick out, though it still makes for good defense. His body becomes squishy like a stress toy and pretty quiet except for a few small squeaks.


Lauren: 5'8ft. Lawrence, but just a lady. He only really uses it as a party trick to confuse people. Takes about a week to prepare since he needs to sculpt his body to do it. He sees it more like an extreme form of drag rather than a separate gender or gender fluidity. 

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