Portal madness

Posted Feb 28, 2024, 3:35:07 AM UTC

Prompt #1 - Reorienting Portals

While other adventurers work to find and stop Portal Posi, a team begins to work on the out of control portals. Some portals have opened where they shouldn’t, others send people to the wrong place, and still others defy the known laws of portals in no understandable way. Join in to set the portals right using magic, science, or nonsense spaghetti throwing! Consider reaching out to another player to collaborate on a piece with your two characters working together, or do a two-part piece where your character is on one side of a portal and theirs is on the other. Draw or write about your character’s efforts to redirect the portals to where they’re supposed to go. Your piece must include your character with a portal.

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  • Mar 4, 2024, 4:51:55 AM UTC
    Celia clinging to his hair is always so frigging cute. I love the lighting you used for this. Beautiful piece.





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