Posted Dec 27, 2023, 7:25:55 PM UTC

In the south, a massive, shallow plain of water makes up one of Kahari’s almost-seas. Barely an inch or two in depth but miles across in length, the starfields are one of the planet’s most beautiful wonders. The water is so still that it reflects the stars and moon in an almost perfect mirror. Many residents of Kahari consider it the epitome of a romantic destination. Show your character exploring a star-speckled plain of water. Your piece must include your character and a large, shallow body of water that reflects the sky.


Toasty and I thought up this composition pretty much as soon as this portal dropped, the way the two characters already interact with the world made it make sense on both a physical and symbolic level.

Seifer is still lost in reflection of past events, and Rogtuk is still looking forward and searching for clarity. 


I kinda cheated a bit and implied the water is deeper than it normally is for this area but maybe they're kneeling or maybe they found a deep spot. 

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  • Dec 28, 2023, 3:36:51 AM UTC
    Aaah this came out great! I love the poses and the expressions- they're so good. Like I really feel like I have an idea on what's going on in both of their heads right now and ah- just perfect

    Thanks so much ;o;



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