An odd delivery

Posted Nov 26, 2023, 8:13:40 AM UTC

What goofy little delivery jesters. (Clownlings owned by me. Binkles, Squingus, and Cork)

  1. You have received a notice about one of the gifts you ordered for someone dear to you. It instructs you to pick it up in person, and gives you a specific time-- the very same day! You rush to the address to find your package waiting for you, but there's something a little strange. Draw or write about your character picking up their package from a suspicious caretaker. Are they a squirrely Paperdemon with a few too many wings and horns to be JUST a Paperdemon? Are they a shadowy figure with no discernable features? Are they a normal cat?


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J.A.A.K. PaperDemon Art RPG 🧑🏽 #pd1080
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  • Fire Demoness
  • Southern Gentleman
  • Zahara Ref
  • Berry Puddin'
  • 生地カッター
  • Blade like Sugar
  • Eye see you
  • Knight of the Wild Frontier
  • Cuddled up


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