The Experiment got loose, Varick to save the....Why are you hugging it Labi?

Posted Nov 20, 2023, 6:38:34 PM UTC

Prompt #1 - Escaped Experiment


When the warning lab went off, and the robotic voice gave warning the lab subject is loose and to evaculate, Varick was prepare for the worst! so he was ready for danger, ready for battle, ready for....well not his partner walking in with the lab monster uttely confuse out of his ugly face mind while Labi hugging him like he her pets....Varick not sure what to make of this, but just in case, enchanted THREAD!!

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  • Bleu Return as an Adult
  • Lust Love her Plushie of LOVE and JOY
  • Do not go out Alone without LUNCH!!
  • Fennec Pink, Fo, Silene come to Bleu Rescue!
  • So an Mousefolk enter the Bar, She DUCK!
  • Lust and Varick training Hotpop
  • Bleu Mastering Luck
  • Bleu New Arm, Mastering Fear and Doubt
  • Bleu body mended but her spirit need time to heal


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