Elumis celebration! with some diffuculties..

Posted Nov 3, 2023, 3:36:38 AM UTC

Kyoki was trying to eat Bleu. But Trey was in the way and wasn't in an excellent mood. Kyoki stared in anger, Bleu on the other hand didn't notice and was watching the pretty firelight that was nearby. Asklepios who doesn't communicate with mortals very much couldn't help himself and touched Tomo without realizing it was rude. Tomo just sat there uncomfortably, Takeshi noticed but was more confused that Tomo wasn't eating the food Takeshi had stolen. Sakura noticed right away that Tomo was uncomfortable and forced Asklepios (who was terribly confused by the emotions he was feeling) to apologize right away. Kassin ignored all the drama to look at the beautiful pink fire, and so did little Bleu. 

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