An adventure where Bleu isn't Snatch Away!

Posted Oct 21, 2023, 1:36:22 AM UTC

Prompt #4 - Dolli


After an Slight accident, Dolli damage her leg and arm and could not leave to hunt down that flower she need for the flower festival. Now by chance, Momo and Gabi is looking over some plant base silk clothing, marveling how lovely and soft it was despite being made of flowers when suddenly they see something small darting pass big deal, maybe it was an mouse or what ever world vermin there was here, but when Varick came running after it shouting for Bleu to get back her and comeback home, they drop everything to help him catch Bleu! By lucky fate, Bleu run into Dolli place and soon after the whole herd of folk came in after...While Varick apologies to busting in, Bleu ask what wrong and Dolli explain her situation. Determine to help life her spirit, the team help her brew an lovely batch of tea while Bleu sing an song. After the tension and worry melt away the team look at Dolli and they all agree, they will help Dolli though Varick not sure how much Bleu can help being so young and inexperience...


Bleu Song for Castimeria:

In the world of Babbling Brook and crossing Stream. 

there stretch many Flower feild but this is no Dream

Take an Breath dear weary travelers and rest in the inn tonight

Drink deeply the Nectar, that will hit you just right.

Still Hungry, not to worry for we have Meat boil in Flower tea

Then caramelize in Rich Honey made by part kitty part Bee

How about getting Lost in the Maze if you are sick of knowing where you are?

Stopping at Flower Festival shop one at an time and you will not get Far.

Treat and tea and alot of pretty things are waiting for you here!

So come on down and let raise our mug and give an Big Cheer!


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