Game Night

Posted Aug 29, 2023, 1:38:32 AM UTC

CHARACTER: Illmenor Stillvale, Snowflake

After having successfully adjusted the correct mana output, Illmenor began to experiment more to get just the right mana to fuel the bones and conjure them into motion. 

It was thanks to Illmenor's experience on the field, that he managed to tweak just the right strength of his elemental power. For this, the temperature has cooled down entirely, not to mess with the nearby environment, neither the clothes he'd make his skeletons wear. During bright day light, the flames are barely visible. Which differs during later hours. These may vary however, depending on Illmenor's mana input. Fire is the only element is the easiest to control as it holds no weight, it's simple to keep it in a single location, and to convert to simulate dark energy. And what better way is it to fuel the bones of two additional companions and to challenge them to a card game?

"... Well boys, this game isn't going to last."

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