Posted Aug 18, 2023, 3:34:12 PM UTC

CHARACTERS: Ffamran Askarin Malfur, Virmenor Stillvale
NOTE: You DON'T want me to explain the psychological process of Virmenor's messed up mind at this moment. He reveals his "feelings" at very special conditions.


After their encounter in the late night, facing countless dangerous centipede monsters in the forest, each of them managed to experience some mild paralysis when they tried to move, it didn't last long before it passed, and they could move to win the battle and resume to sleep.

The next day, however, Virmenor heard some helpless sounds coming from his tent, where he allowed the others to rest in while he took the third watch. Once he got inside, he saw the helpless expression on Ffamran's face, noticing that he moved none of his limbs, all that escaped him were those noises.

Immediately he got down and inspected him further to be able to diagnose him. It was thanks to the battle that he had a rough idea what he was facing, and immediately he turned to Reyae, the small axolotl, to prepare an antidote.

Seeing that guy without a cocky expression nearly shocked him, forcing him to experience a mild fear and to jump straight to action. After a moment, the antidote was ready. They fed it to their struggling companion, who was now finally able to move, but the shock on his face remained. Virmenor went down on his knees and wrapped his arms around the Shifter.

"It's over, I am here with you. Don't worry, I will protect you. You're not alone."

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