Caught by a spell

Posted Aug 18, 2023, 2:00:27 PM UTC

CHARACTERS: Ffamran Askarin Malfur, Virmenor Stillvale
NOTE: What did we learn? Don't steal from the dead. Nah, just kidding. They would do it again 10/10.

During their journey to the capital city to deliver a top secret letter to someone, they came across a field with large stones. Virmenor immediately approached it, curious about finding some dark secrets but instead, he discovers via their companion that this is nothing but a private graveyard.

While it originally didn't concern the grey elf much, his eyes paused on a mysteriously looking orb in the color blue. He discovered that it was a magical item which is connected with the diseased. The sorcerer immediately took his distance, terrified of possible zombies that could chase after him, the necromancer felt entirely differently about it, even laughed and belittled the anxious creature.

The orb is tied to a type of chain, which has no other way to be removed than by rough violence. Virmenor immediately turned to the man that he now knows by the name "Ffamran".

He smirked at him and requested his assistance. Without any objections, did he approach him to break the chain loose. Finally, the orb is free. Stolen goods or not, it concerned the necromancer little. Now with the blue arcane orb in their hands, they suddenly spaced out for a moment.

Their limbs froze up for a bit until they looked each other in the eyes. Everything around them just became blurry, all that they could see was the appearance of the other, feeling mesmerized with the sight and their interests in each other grow. Lovestruck, obsessed, fixated, the spell had them under its control while the third party member was freaking out over it and desperately sought for a way to dispel the curse.

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