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Posted Jun 4, 2023, 7:27:53 PM UTC


    Name: LeeLee

    Species: Demon Shape shifter / vampire (but it's recessive)

    Nickname/s: Lee / L2 (like squared) / LL

    Age: She looks in her 20's

    Gender: Female (default)

    Pronouns: She / Her (Default)


    | GENERAL | 

    Hometown: Kanto

    Personality: Chaotic , Michievious, Trickster



    | HISTORY |

Lee originally comes from Kanto. She has a twin “YOUNGER” brother who goes by the name Black. Both of them share their Mother’s shape-shifting abilities. Lee has been able to not only perfect her shapeshifting but she also doesn't have to feed on blood to power it like her brother has to. Her fathers genes of vamprisim are mostly recessive.

She moved from Kanto to Isso to secretly keep an eye on her brother. There she was a foster mom / home for pokemon. Instead of mons having to stay in a center and in cages at times, she opened her home to them to free roam. She's been known to cause problems, a lot. Usually nothing that will destroy a city, but she's been to jail a few times. She like to drink and party.
Shes decided to move again this time to Crater. She's currently still looking for a place of her own so she's staying with her brother. (wild and hillarious antics ensue)


    | OTHER |

  • Shape shifting is perfect. She can hide every single aspect of her original self. Cannot / willnot shift to others (that's creepy skinwalker stuff) only pokemon / creatures
  • Tends to "float" in air usually when tired / bored
  • D R I N K S a "fun alcoholic"
  • Like to cause chaos


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