Darker Hearts Pt 1

Posted Mar 13, 2023, 10:34:12 PM UTC

Darker Hearts Pt 1

Part of the Crater Febuary Event (It was SUPER FUN!)

Black decided to join the event. He sits contemplating things while on his phone.
Pipa is just the cutest little goth princess.
The bat lady is the NPC for the event


Black= 100TP

Pipa  = 8Lv TOTAL / 530 CC
+1Lv Inked full body
+2Lv Flat colored full body
+2 Trainer Bonus

+3 Lv Complex BG



+3 Lvs NPC Corviknight

+3 Lvs NPC bat hostests

+300 CC

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Lee A. Black Crater Star of Mysteries 🧑🏽 #sm124
1800 total points
100 approved points
Pipa Crater Star of Mysteries 🧑🏽 #sm127
103 total points
14 approved points



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