Darker Hearts Pt3

Posted Mar 14, 2023, 12:42:40 AM UTC

Darker Hearts Pt 3 (and adoption art huehue)

Black and Tayler make it down into the basement and found the source of the noise. Apparently the Hosts were hosting more than just the event, but a pokemon trafficing opperation!
Black and Tayler rushed to save and free all they could.


Not going to count any LVs here but will for the adoption section

Rewards I Get:

+500 CC
+ Palapup egg and Skull Mask

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Tayler Rose Crater Star of Mysteries 🧑🏽 #sm30
2600 total points
25 approved points
Lee A. Black Crater Star of Mysteries 🧑🏽 #sm124
1800 total points
25 approved points
Indra Crater Star of Mysteries 🧑🏽 #sm472
37 total points
8 approved points



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