Raptorfish Tattoo

Posted May 16, 2023, 6:23:56 PM UTC

Ceedee will be getting tattoos and markings as she progresses as a character.  With her latent element comes a tattoo marking the occasion, a fish native to her homeworld.

Raptorfish significance

  • Symbol of the Father:  The Raptorfish is one of the few creatures aligned with the elemental Tyta’Yel,  the Father Above,  monarch of the sky.  Those who display wisdom and careful consideration, are said to be blessed with his foresight and swiftness in action.


  • Symbol of the Matron: Almost all creatures of the sea are aligned with elemental Koya’Dihlo, the Matron Below, matriarch of the oceans.  The Raptorfish is one of the few exceptions with dual allegiances, as his home is both the sea and the sky.  Those who win her favor by testing their fate are said to be lucky in their endeavors. 


  • Symbol of the Wanderer:  someone who is unsatisfied with being stationary.  Someone who doesn’t allow their surroundings dictate who they are, what they can be, or where they can go.  They are their own master.  


  • Symbol of the Predator: someone that fixates on a singular goal and doesn’t allow anything or anyone to distract them from that goal.  However, this trait is a double edged sword.  While unyielding focus can be a lifeline in times of difficulty and conflict, it can also blind you to those wanting to help you, isolating you if you are not careful.

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