.:Baby's first Duocast:.

Posted May 16, 2023, 2:31:37 PM UTC
  1. Draw or write about your character fighting the boss!

Heat was not something Lilith was ever fearfull off, specially with her own set of fire powers. Yet the bubbling cheese and warmth radiating from it made her uncomfterable. In all honesty? The tigeress had no idea what she was doing, trying to shift and move away from the barage of cheese. Oh how blessed she felt when she could hear her ally stepping to be back to back to her. Speaking words of encouragement and both tapped into their elements, letting them combine despite not knowing what could happen ahead of time.

Parts of Finley's ability to turn to pure liquid en Lilith's firey wisps combining. Globes that dripped letting out smoke, things stuck in both a state of liquid yet gas. Providing a small shield almost for the pair as the 3 main globs circled them. Getting ready to launch them at the Queen Queso, unsure on what effect they could have.

But it was worth a shot if anything.

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