Dante Riordan

Posted Apr 26, 2023, 4:47:43 AM UTC

It's still a work in progress, 

name: Dante Riordan

Age: 27

Species: Demon

hair color: white

eye color: silver iris, gold sclera

personality: bold, carefree, charismatic, and all be it, a little dumb at times


mini bio: Dante grew up in a small demon family consisting of his mother, his older sister, and younger brother. They ran a general store for local traveler and interdimentional passerbys, selling anything one could think of and more for adventuring, though they never got many customers. He spent most of his childhood helping out when he could but most often then not was found exploring the village, and playing a small lute he constructed with the help of his sister. Once he turned twenty he gained a longing to explore and set off to see what the world had to offer. Most often than not he can be found playing tunes in the corners of inns for spare change or resting in nature from his travels.

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