Of Machines and Myths - the Swift and the Giant

Posted Mar 15, 2023, 3:14:50 PM UTC

Of Machines and Myths;

beliefs and tales of creation among the wyfex population


The Swift and the Giant


Once upon a Time,

a Man made a Machine.


He gave it eyes to see,

ears to hear,

and a mouth to speak.


Every task it completed,

efficient and perfect,

no morals in its way.


But the Machine,


never was flawless.


Opinions, emotion, passion,

none it did possess.


Its chest,

for its crux,

nothing but a junction.



it was not.


And the Man

grew lonely,

isolated in the dark.


And for his own agony,

he gave the Machine

a new part.


Its new gift,

a mind to think,

to question, to ponder.


And yet, alone

the Man stood.


His Creation, so great,

so sovereign.


He gave the Machine a mind,

but no Heart.


Impossible to befriend,

hopeless to tame.



and hungry for more.


So something new

from his hands came;

called it Change.


And it eclipsed the Machine,

made it jealous,

made it bitter.


As its new eyes saw further,

ears heard sharper,

its mouth spoke finer,


and mind ran nimbler.

Equals, rivals,

he had designed,


so perfect, so powerful;

prestige, his words, held not.


So he built more,

more Machines,

more of Change.


Smaller, weaker,

easier to command,

to control.


An Army,

a Family of clones

he forged,


so loneliness would never

claw at his own Heart again.


But his children,

the Firstborn and the Youngest,

already had outed their blades.


So the Machine took the Army,

made it mindless,

made it its own.


And the Change stole the Family,

made it quick,

and made it wild.


And a storm the Two would shape,

a cataclysm

out of their rent flesh, fabled.


And all would see,

remember, and weep,

as they were named;



the Giant, the Viper, and the Mad,


and Reuel,

the Swift, the Rabbit, and the Seer.


- Strong evidence suggests, that these "Entities" or "Idols", are man-made, by none other than FexCorp itself, rather than by a once mythic figure. Specifically designed to act as gods with immeasurable power, the motive behind them remains unclear.

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