Erika Fledgling A.K.A Wordy

Posted Mar 15, 2023, 12:22:18 PM UTC


Erika Fledgling A.K.A Wordy

a Human possessed and then bound to a demon(Sigi) by two different pacts.

The event following her possession left her paralyzed from the neck down, She and Sigi use magic to move her body, which results in abrupt and puppetlike movement. When it comes to fine and precise motion, she will use her water magic instead.

She gets along very well with her bodymate (like a roommate but for your body) and is generally at the front as Sigi does not care much about the outside world.

When it comes to personality

Erika is fairly mischievous, enjoying small pranks and big lies.

She does her best to stay upbeat despite her circumstances hiding regrets and melancholy behind closed doors. 

She usually pretends to be friendly but finds it hard to connect with others

She hates being the center of attention and will often abscond or hype someone else up to get out of that situation.

She is a self-described "sensory tourist" eager to use her remaining sense she will taste, smell and listen to as many things as she can, this is not always a good idea.


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