Congratulation, you found a wild Mimots (mem-o). 

This being is known for slight awkwardness, discordant chattering and a lack of direct memories. Mimotes are usually friendly but dislike being taken advantage of and may lash out if threatened. 

The current specimen has shown no attraction toward any being or gender and when asked answered that she would rather have a nice soup. She just discovered that she was 28 not because it was her birthday but because she had to check since she was convinced she was still 27 and is now feeling quite old.

she will now stop writing as she must ponder the meaning of time and when did a whole year go without her noticing. 

She will find no answer and will probably get distracted along the way anyway


I have ADHD and it does make thing a bit hard, if we had stuff to do together and i'm not doing it, message me i probably forgot or got overwhelmed sorry.


Currently very frustrated by my inabillity to draw Wordy on model.

Commissions: [Closed for now]

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Roleplay: [Open]

Gifts for Me: [ art and literature okay]


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