Kieran Ivory

Posted Jan 25, 2023, 7:22:09 AM UTC

Character Name: Kieran Ivory

Character Age: 27

Character Species: Humanoid (Chimera)

Hair color: Silvery white

Eye color: Purple-red gradient (if drawn, it is ok to colour it as pure red, pure puple, or mixed into a violet)


Brief biography: 

Kieran was created in the labs of Ivory Corporation as an experiment to [REDACTED]. His creator, Livya Ivory, the owner of Ivory Corporation, is a rich lady, and despite taking Kieran as her son, she was a pretty distant mother and Kieran wasn't close to her. He was mainly raised by nurses and Livya's right hand man, Leon, who is like a father figure to him. Kieran was a very sickly kid and was raised very strictly in confinement in a clean room environment, and was often subjected to surgeries and experiments (For his own good they say, trying to find ways to strengthen him and make him less sickly they say)

When he was old enough, he found a chance and ran away from home with his best friend Sinclair. They kinda succeeded for a little while but was recaptured and returned to Ivory, now being supervised by some high ranks The two of them works for Ivory when they are old enough and are thriving



Has a smuggy and doesn’t care attitude towards a lot of things, but in reality, he keeps most of his emotion to himself, only having a laid back demeanor. Don’t let his lazy and laid back behavior fool you, Kieran is highly adaptable and very smart, and knows how to get things to go his way. Basically a lazy gremlin cat that can outsmart you.

+Adaptable || Attentive || Resourceful || Optimistic || Protective+
=Mischievous || Sly || Flamboyant || Playful || Laid Back=
-Proud || Loner || Lazy || Reserved|| Cheeky -

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  • Jan 26, 2023, 3:09:29 PM UTC
    Ohhh it’s your boy!! He’s s cute!!
  • Jan 25, 2023, 12:36:41 PM UTC
    I'm a sucker for Kieran's colour scheme! His horns and eyes really stand out from his clothes and body, which really adds to the 'experiment trying to have a normal life' theme!
    I'm excited to see him in more art :3c
    • Jan 25, 2023, 3:10:37 PM UTC
      Thank you so much ;u; and yesss he is my favourite son and he shall be drawn more





  • Sinclair's Talisman
  • Levitation with Sky element
  • Kairos
  • Nevada
  • Kieran's Talisman


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