The Wrong Root

Posted Nov 15, 2021, 6:19:19 PM UTC
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Unfortunately, there’s only so much that a quickly summoned set of grasses will do to keep such a mighty creature down for long.  As Lyza fled, hoping to get some distance from the great beast, the boar managed to break free of its bindings and launched itself at her.  With no time to summon a blockade and nowhere to run, the changeling was knocked down by the boar’s tusks and trampled over.

Swearing under her breath, the changeling rolled herself over and began to run as fast as she could in the opposite direction.  At least it would take the beast a while to slow down and turn itself around - maybe that would be enough.  Bolting into the forest, she zigzagged through the trees, keeping an ear out for her pursuer.  She knew that she was quicker and more agile than the lumbering boar, and could only pray that it would be enough to get her out of the sight of the creature.  

Luckily for her, the sound of the boar’s footprints grew fainter and fainter as she ran.  It could certainly be fast when using all its force to run in a straight line, sure, but put obstacles in its way and it found itself unable to keep up very quickly.  She quickly climbed up the nearest tree that she could find and transformed herself into the elven princess Lyra.  Lyra weighed quite a bit less than Lyza did, and she was beginning to suspect that brute strength might not be the solution to this problem.

The now-elven Lyra deftly leapt through the trees, watching the ground for any signs of the passing boar.  Sure enough, she quickly found the creature, seemingly having given up, stumbling back towards its lair.  She pulled an arrow from the quiver on her back, nocked it into her bow, and aimed it at the boar.  The head would be a bit too hard to hit, what with the tusks and the horns, and the great mossy hump on its back would probably be too well armored.  So, taking a deep breath, Lyra let her arrow fly towards the boar’s left flank.

She struck true, and as the boar reared in pain, Lyra quickly leapt into the branches of another tree and launched another arrow.  This one harmlessly bounced off one of the beast’s tusks, but as the boar swirled around, searching for its attacker, Lyra continued to hide herself among the trees, shooting arrows whenever she got the opportunity.  

This wouldn’t last forever - eventually the creature would catch sight of her and the fight would begin again in earnest.  However, any damage as she could do to the damned thing without putting herself directly in harm’s way would be better than nothing.

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