Poison and Apples

Posted Nov 5, 2021, 9:18:37 PM UTC

6 - Draw or write about how your character’s elemental battle magic looks.

As the yellow cloud struck Lyza, she stumbled back, coughing and sputtering.  Quickly, she tried to take a deep breath to cough the spores out of her throat, only to find that they had stuck to her airways, blocking any air from getting in or out.  Desperately, she grabbed some of the fymelion leaves that she had prepared and began to chew on them, praying to whatever gods were up there that it would be enough.  

Damn, she had not suspected that the stupid boar would be able to shoot toxic spores so far or so fast.  She was glad she had done her research and was well prepared with antitoxins - a blast like that would easily have killed her.  She now understood fully why no one had actually been able to confirm the boar’s existence - anyone who got too close probably got a good blast of these sticky spores and asphyxiated.

Fortunately for Lyza, she was experienced in earth magic herself, and had created enough plant species to make an educated guess at how to counteract this toxin.  The fymelion was doing its job - it cut through the spores that had clogged her throat just enough to allow her to breathe.  This was certainly a quick,desperate fix - she’d need to do some research to remove the spores entirely - but she was grateful that it had worked at all.  She quickly took two more seeds out of her pocket and threw them at the ground, calling for more fymelion to grow, and quickly began to chew on more of the leaves of the blossoming flower.

Just in time, too - the boar was pulling itself upright, shaking off the remnants of the rockslide that Lyza had triggered.  As it turned its glowing, hateful gaze towards the young changeling, it began to paw at the ground, clearly preparing to charge her.

Well, this was going to be fun.  But at least it didn’t seem to notice what she was capable of.  As the creature reared its head and began to charge, the changeling slowly lowered herself to the ground and placed both her palms on the earth before her.  

Just before it gored her with its mighty tusks, Lyza quickly stood and lifted her hands above her head, causing a great wall of stone to appear in front of her.  The boar’s forward momentum was far too much to stop it from crashing directly into the wall, knocking itself flat on its back.  Quickly, Lyza called upon the grasses nearby to grow and wrap around the great beast, hoping to restrain it for long enough for her to gain some distance.

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